Sports: The Ultimate Form of Self Control

Lately I have been thinking a lot about self control and how that plays into our lives, and into our life pursuits. Normally when we think of self control we think about diet, exercise and delayed gratification, but I’ve been thinking about it in also the ability to control your body and movements.  Ultimately isn’t that what most of our activities come down to is the ability to control our own body, and minds.

A good example of this thought in disc golf would be a simple 28ft putt.  This distance is within the range of most players where they have a reasonable chance to make the putt, most have done it before.  However while they can make it, what it ultimately comes down to is the in the moment ability to control yourself to get the body to perform the way you want it to.  Its harder than it sounds thought to get all of those moving parts to be coordinated and timed perfectly, but when you have that control it all works well.

So how do we work on building control with so many moving parts of the body.  One of the best avenues that has worked for me is slowing down.  When moving slower it is a lot easier to focus on form, control and timing.  When you are climbing and have small delicate holds that require precise placement its always much easier to exercise the needed control when moving slowly, maintaining balance.

This does not mean to slow down forever.  Simply Slow down to dial in for form, timing, balance and overall feel.  Then as you dial in your control you can increase your tempo, power, and maintain the feel and control you built up while slowing down.

Another good tip is just to work on your own personal body awareness.  Having a sense of your own balance, body positioning, and footing can help you execute greater control. I was recently listening to an episode of Trainingbeta where Mercedes Pollmeier talked about how she improved her climbing by taking a summer off from climbing, and training and simply did a series of exercises around body awareness.  Improve your awareness leads to a better understanding of your body and thus a better ability to control yourself.

These tips helped me build more control accuracy and consistency over the past few months.  I hope this helps you get a greater feel of control over your movement.


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