When Did Win?

Did you win when you finally got your project? Was it when you hit the big putt on the last hole that won it?  Or did you actually win long before either of these ever happened?  We all love to win, to succeed to, to do well at the sports we love.  But lately I’ve been thinking the key to winning tournaments, the key to sending your projects is all of the work you put in before you ever get out there.

The old concept of reaping a sowing comes into play big time in this.  Tournaments, and climbing days are the times we a reaping the rewards of all of the work we’ve put in prior to that day.

You won when you committed to fieldwork instead of a casual round

you won when you made that 200th 15ft practice putt

you won when you kept training in the gym even when you felt weak

you won when you practiced instead of going out.

you won when you committed to working to get better

When you put in the work before hand, you feel confident, perform better and get to reap the rewards so much more.  Commit today, put in the work so you can enjoy it later.

Win today.


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