I once heard a quote: “There are no self made millionaires, but some of them forget that along the way”.  I think this quote rings true about all aspects not just personal wealth.  No one becomes a success in a vacuum, we all have coaches, mentors, and partners who help us, challenges us, and encourage us to do better.  Every piece of advice, word or encouragement,  it adds up and makes us who we are.  So while I am not at where I want to be as an ending I do want to thank those who have got me to where I am today.

First I want to thank my Dad.  There has not a been a more influential and encouraging person in my life.  He has provided me countless resources, endless advice, and is always there to support whatever I am doing.  He is always there when I need him.  Also to date he did belay me for my hardest trad onsight (pictured above), on the day I taught him to lead belay, so he has that going for him too.

I’ve had a lot of climbing mentors over the years.  First Jack Harris, my college professor he taught me how to make top ropes how to trad, and was my intro into technical Skills,  Joe Orn got me further into climbing an trying hard was a great partner to climb with who helped get me to the next level.  Bill Boyd was a huge mentor for me, helping me with a few tips and tricks as well as, helping my footwork and technique to develop.  Most recently my friend Landon is the primary driver of my improvement getting me to focus on a training plan and helping to craft that plan and follow through.

I have not have as many disc golf mentors but just being around good players has helped me focus in and dial up my game to perform.  But I do want to give a shout out to my friend Tyler for getting me deeper into the sport and focusing on development for competitive pursuits.

Just putting this out here as a thank you for everyone who has helped me along the way.  I hope you take some time to thank those who have helped you grow and develop into who you are today.


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