The Best of Brews

Whether disc golfing or climbing beer seems to be a common staple of both communities. The Disc Golf Podcast does a weekly disc and beer (or Deer) review, The Enormocast has regularly chimed in on the the subject as well, and even world champion disc golfers are opening their own brewery. It’s a subject that draws a lot of water, and hops from the climbing and disc golf media scene so I figured it was time to throw my thoughts into this discussion.

Before we begin I begin a bit of a disclaimer, everyone has different tastes and opinions on beer, so take my opinions with a grain of salt or a full salt rim if that’s your thing.

5. Post Climbing Training Beers:

Most of us climb in a gym for our training, and that means pulling on a lot of plastic, and my gym is fairly new and uses almost all predominantly rock candy holds, which have incredible friction. However with that benefit comes the downside of rubbing your hands raw. A nice cold one placed firmly between two sore hands helps to ease the pain. It may undo some of the progress gained in the gym but the relief is well worth it.

4. Parking lot Beers after a day in the backcountry climbing:

Cans and bottles unfortunately add some extra weight, and if you have a bit of hike out to your location that can be a burden to carry that’s not worth it, especially if you route does not allow you for a place to stash your gear, so you have to climb and rappel with the extra weight. However the long day, and the wait is always worth it. Getting back to the car tired and thirsty makes everything taste that much sweeter.

3. Beers Shared Among Friends:

Beer as always best when shared, whether someone is sharing theirs with you or you sharing yours with others. The simple exchange helps to build the bonds between each other grows friendships, adds to the experience and make the beer that much better. Whether it is splitting a six pack around a campfire, or on the disc golf course. Sharing is caring and it adds.

2. Post Tournament Beers:

Whether it is to help celebrate a good finish to your final round, or to help distract you from the mistakes you let pile up on the course the post tournament beer is a great way to close out a tournament. Swapping stories with other players catching up on the action of the day, the hero shots that went in the bad breaks. Swapping stories and capping off the tournament right puts this one in second place.

1. Post Send Beer:

After all of your hard work on you project you finally got the route you’ve been working for a while now. If you planned ahead you knew this day was coming and you might have stashed a few in a nearby stream. These are the best you’re out at the crag in the wilderness, you’re with good friends, hopefully, and you finally got your goal, all of these combine to make the best beer you could have, even a pabst taste great here.

Honorable Mentions

-Shower beer

-Free beer

-Anything around a campfire


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