Secrets to sending and shaving strokes

The other week I was disc golfing out at a local course, and just completely fell apart on the last three holes.  The week before in the second round of a tournament, I shot 5 over in the last 3 holes.  In both situations I had felt good and then just suddenly lost all touch and control, I was devastated to have such a major collapse. Mentally, I had maintained my focus but just couldn’t keep it together.  It wasn’t until I sat down and let myself rest a minute I realized what was the issue.  I was really hungry.

Snacks,  as simple as it seems having mid round, or mid climbing sessions snacks are a key to maintaining performance.  I have learned over the years that when I’m out following my passions my body will shift into task mode and I will feel the sense of hunger come over me, and because of that I can spend a whole day climbing carrying only a small Larabar for my food for the day, having only eaten a small breakfast.

While I know I can comfortably get away with that I have learned it will lead to diminished performance.  When I look back on the tournaments and rounds I shot really well at, I had stopped an snacked.  The days i climbed by best, you guessed it, snacks were involved.   My body need continuous fuel to maintain performance.  So knowing that I try and choose simple foods that are good quick sugar to help generate the fuel I need.

Lately I have been choosing to have Chili Dried Mangos.  Its fruit so it’s kinda healthy but it is really just a good simple sugar your body can convert to quick energy, and they taste great. Honey stingers chews, and chocolate covered espresso beans are also a consistent part of my snack regime.

Some ideas to consider for your own snack options

-Simple Sugars to convert for quick energy

-Light you are going to be carrying this around with you all day don’t want too much extra weight

-Can your stomach handle it, you know your body the best choose something that is not going to upset your stomach

-Choose something that is not going to get mess up your hands, making them slippery or sticky.

The discgolfanswerman blog featured and article that also emphasised the importance of snacks


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