We all want to grow and develop, we develop training plans, practice routines fitness regiments.   Sometimes we follow these plans sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes they help us and sometimes they don’t.  We create these plans with the hope of progress, but there is a big problem with progress it’s hard.

Progress comes to us slowly.  Sometimes it seems like you are grinding and working for a long time and you see no improvement.  I’ve gone through whole training cycles and while I felt accomplished with completing it I was not able to complete my project.  How long do you have to practice your putting before you ever see any progress.

This slow progress often leads us to frustration.  it can make people feel like they cannot get any better, and quit working on their training.

Progress requires perspective.  If you take a longer term view from where you started you can see more of your progress.  In the moment we cannot see the progress we make, but as the time stacks up we can gain perspective based off of where we began the journey.  It is easy to get caught up looking at how far from the goal we are,  the horizon never gets any closer,   so we need to make sure we measure progress on how far we have come not on how far we have to go.


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